Tuscany - Villa Boschi Salviati,
where history and
nature meet


On the ground floor is the double bedroom "Serena", adapted for use by handicapped guests, with an en-suite bathroom and furniture from the early 1900s. There is also the small double bedroom, "Rose", which makes use of the shared bathroom facilities. As it lies next to the first room, it is extremely suitable for use by a companion accompanying a handicapped visitor.

On the first floor, above the bar corner, you have the sensation of walking into a enchanting reed-bank when you enter the double bedroom "Aironi", complete with en-suite bathroom and shower cubicle set in an ancient arch decorated with a fresco.

Further along the corridor is situated the double bedroom "Uva", with independent bathroom and delightful cherubs looking down from the ceiling. Next, you come to the double bedroom "Girasoli", also with convenient en-suite bathroom. With the backdrop of an ancient parish church, you really feel you are walking down a country lane.

Most splendid of all is the wonderful "Eden" suite, with its magnificent king-size four-poster bed. The attached bathroom comes equipped with two-seater hydro-massage bath, shower with integrated radio, chromo-therapy facility and Turkish bath. This is a real paradise on Earth: surrounded by beautiful frescoes and "trompe l'oeil" images, you will feel you have entered a parallel world inhabited by gods and nymphs.